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A little more about me!


My story isn't anything too exceptional - I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney with my 4 siblings, parents, and many, many pets! My love of music came from my parents, who are also musical. I love spending time outdoors, exploring nature, writing music, and lately I've been getting into wildlife photography.

Okay, now onto the music stuff! 

When I was in high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left. I had no plans to go to uni, and was planning on just taking each day as it came. I always loved music and singing, but never really thought about doing anything with it. Well, I ended up going to uni for music after stumbling upon an ad! So that settled it, I was going to pursue music full time. Since then, I've been developing my sound and my skills, providing music for some of the most special moments in people's lives - hopefully yours too! 

As much as I love putting my own spin on popular songs to cover, I also do enjoy writing originals music, some of which has actually been released, and writing and leading worship music. 

(My original music is on Spotify/Apple Music if you're interested!)


I have about 15 years of experience playing piano, and I've been singing for even longer. I have the experience in this industry to be able to work around any hiccups and ensure that every event goes smoothly (in terms of the music anyway!) I understand that any kind of event, particularly weddings, can be incredibly stressful, and you can rest assured that the music will be completely covered! Acoustic, easy listening, chilled out mellow vibes are perfect for those dreamy outdoor weddings, or rustic farm weddings, or anyplace you want a calm, easy atmosphere.

All of my own equipment is high end, and there is always a backup plan should technical issues arise! 

I treat every single client and job with the same respect, regardless of the event, company, individual, etc. I believe that forming a relationship with the client results in a better experience for everyone! It isn't just about rocking up to the venue and playing a few songs. 

Why choose me?


I'm in a band!?

Well, I was. Back in my uni days, I was fortunate enough to be able to be a session keyboardist for Sydney band, Chasing Giants. Although no longer together, it was an adventure that I look back on so fondly - it allowed me to enhance my skills very quickly, and gain performance experience both locally and on tour, that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to have.

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